He did it again. My son proved to be my best teacher. #lessonsfromaundon


Before school started up and our family went into full “back to school” mode, Aundon had one request — a beach day with his parents. 


So the day before classes started we grabbed our beach towels, loaded the car, and headed to the beach. 


Aundon’s joy was undeniable.


Almost immediately he started LOVING the water. He was playful, laughing, and ENJOYING every moment loudly and proudly.


One of the most beautiful things about my son is his uninhibited ability to express; even when his expression doesn’t exactly fit the standard that the world would call “normal” is not “age-appropriate”.


But as his fiercely protective mama bear, I’m not always the best at being as carefree as my son.


Because I was aware of our volume, I asked Aundon to use his ‘inside voice’, while we were playing OUTSIDE at the beach. 


Reading it back now it sounds silly but in my mind, I was protecting and shielding him from judgment. 


I realized at that moment, (as my husband gave me the look of “we are outside and let him play”), I was stifling his freedom to express and enjoy. 


My son deserves to laugh, and learn, and without being concerned about the judgment of others!  I was projecting my own issues, my own judgments – I say let’s play, run and laugh and scream as loudly as we want!!


That’s what he’s teaching me to do every day. He’s teaching me how to be fully expressed without being crippled are stunted by the judgment of others.


Will you join me as I follow Aundon’s example?

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