Picture (un?)Perfect

Happy New Year! It’s only the 4th day of 2022, and my son is already teaching me. #LessonsfromAundon.   Before the holiday break from school, Aundon had photo day at school, which felt like a BIG deal to the entire family.    It was the first opportunity to document the back-to-school season since COVID hit […]

New Contacts = BIGGER Vision

#LessonsfromAundon   For most of us, putting on contact lenses in the morning is simply a part of our morning routine. But for my son, Aundon, and our family contact lenses represent a MAJOR learning lesson and a symbol of possibility.   After a recent eye examination, Aundon’s optometrist shared that he had systematized a […]

Bye, Bye Judgement

He did it again. My son proved to be my best teacher. #lessonsfromaundon   Before school started up and our family went into full “back to school” mode, Aundon had one request — a beach day with his parents.    So the day before classes started we grabbed our beach towels, loaded the car, and […]

Dance (in the rain) like nobody’s watching.

Dance (in the rain) like nobody’s watching.   That’s what my son teaches me, simply by being the person that he is. #lessonsfromaundon   Aundon recently got back from his “auntie tour” where he spent a few weeks visiting his aunts in Texas.   As his mother, I am so proud of his ability to […]

You Can’t Stop Growth

You can’t stop growth.   That’s what this week’s #lessonsfromaundon taught me.    One of the things I love about my son is he is absolutely his own person. In some ways, he’s emotionally a bit younger than his age, but in other ways, he’s mature beyond his years.    During a recent family movie […]

Don’t Reject the “New” Because it is Different

Once again, my son taught me a lesson simply by being the wonderful person he is. #lessonsfromaundon   I just got a new television for my son’s room and not to brag…but it’s great. 📺🤤   My husband, my son, and I were so excited about this amazing new TV, but after the installation process […]

Lose a Tooth, Gain a Lesson

Once again, my son taught me another lesson, simply by being himself. #LessonsfromAundon My fellow parents know how BIG of a deal a loose tooth is in the world of an 11-year-old.  So when Aundon discovered a wiggly tooth, he developed a plan. 🦷🤔 Not only was he going to figure out how to get […]