Dance (in the rain) like nobody’s watching.


That’s what my son teaches me, simply by being the person that he is. #lessonsfromaundon


Aundon recently got back from his “auntie tour” where he spent a few weeks visiting his aunts in Texas.


As his mother, I am so proud of his ability to navigate the different environments of each home, while remaining open and present. 


But beyond being a polite houseguest, I’m most proud and inspired by Aundon’s fierce ability to show up as himself.


On one of the days of his adventure, an unexpected summer storm broke out. As a California-born and raised kid, Aundon doesn’t frequently experience rain, let alone the warmth of summer rain. 


So when he saw the rain begin to pour down, he couldn’t help but DANCE in the rain. 


He found freedom in that moment. 


☔️Freedom to listen to his heart. ☔️Freedom to dance. ☔️Freedom to fully enjoy.


Which got me thinking… What would it look like to fully embrace the freedom of each moment, without standing in our own way?


Forget the hair getting messy.

Forget the clothes getting muddy.

Forget the emails, just for a moment. ‘


Forget the “stuff” and choose freedom!


Aundon reminds me that I need to create more “dancing in the rain moments”, every day. 


They don’t have to wait for the rainstorm 😉☔️💙

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