Once again, my son taught me a lesson simply by being the wonderful person he is. #lessonsfromaundon


I just got a new television for my son’s room and not to brag…but it’s great. 📺🤤


My husband, my son, and I were so excited about this amazing new TV, but after the installation process was done, Aundon wanted his old TV back. 😩

Now let me set the record straight…


📺  The old TV wasn’t “better.”


👉🏾 He just was familiar and comfortable with how the controls worked.


I realized my son was rejecting “the new” because it was different.


Which got me thinking…


💭 How often do we negate something that’s different because we don’t know the buttons yet?


We want to blame the thing when it’s trying to bless us.


It’s trying to upgrade us, but we’re more comfortable staying down here, with the thing we’re used to.


That’s what I’m trying to grow in — accepting that new can be better even when it feels unfamiliar.


It took some time (and gentle coaxing and patience from his mom and dad), but now Aundon is loving all that the new TV has to offer! 


Being open to the new can also mean being open to the great.


❤️ The best is yet to come… even if we can’t see it yet!

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