Once again, my son taught me another lesson, simply by being himself. #LessonsfromAundon

My fellow parents know how BIG of a deal a loose tooth is in the world of an 11-year-old. 

So when Aundon discovered a wiggly tooth, he developed a plan. 🦷🤔

Not only was he going to figure out how to get that tooth out, but he also had a plan on how he was going to use the money the tooth fairy delivered. 💸

So when he finally lost the tooth while staying at his grandparent’s house and grandpa tooth fairy only had $6 cash, the tooth fairy delivered a smaller amount than Aundon was anticipating.

The next morning, my son ran to his grandma and exclaimed “What is this?!” 😂

His surprise of seeing 6 little dollars wasn’t a reflection of ungratefulness, he just had plans!  

One of my favorite things about my son (and trust me there are many) is his passion for everything he does – including his passion for reinvesting his lost tooth money. 

Little did Aundon know that when he lost a tooth, he actually taught me a much larger lesson.

My son helped me realize that there is power and joy in the planning AND there is power in the ability to regroup and adapt when our expectations differ from reality. 

So here’s my challenge to you. How can you reframe a loss into something that means more? Comment below to share!

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