For most of us, putting on contact lenses in the morning is simply a part of our morning routine. But for my son, Aundon, and our family contact lenses represent a MAJOR learning lesson and a symbol of possibility.


After a recent eye examination, Aundon’s optometrist shared that he had systematized a plan for Aundon to begin wearing contact lessons. 


Which is HUGE! Aundon has a lot of stuff going on with his eyes and is technically considered to have a visual impairment. 


These new contact lenses have the opportunity to increase his depth perception and give him better sight.


As his mom, I was thrilled. But I also know that Aundon doesn’t love change, so it was no surprise that he was resistant to contacts.


Thankfully, this brilliant optometrist had a plan.


He crafted a routine to transition Aundon to wearing contacts, slowly.


👁 We practiced opening Aundon’s eye.

💧 We practiced putting in the eye drops. 

🕝 We designated time to wear contacts and time to wear glasses.


The doctor was able to reverse engineer the process so it felt doable for Aundon (and his parents)! 


As usual, Aundon teaches me by being the person he is. This system – the process and the practice – gave me hope that everything in life can be processed, planned, and executed when you have the right steps in place. #LessonsfromAundon


I was worried about the transition to contacts, but Aundon & his optometrist taught me, I don’t have to fear the unknown – I simply need to pursue the unknown with a plan of action. 


P.S. The transition to contacts is going great! Aundon can see the whiteboard at school more clearly and is getting lots of love on his new look!

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