Happy New Year! It’s only the 4th day of 2022, and my son is already teaching me. #LessonsfromAundon.


Before the holiday break from school, Aundon had photo day at school, which felt like a BIG deal to the entire family. 


It was the first opportunity to document the back-to-school season since COVID hit in 2019 and he was ready. Contact lenses in, clean shirt on, teeth brushed pearly white. 


We were ready for the perfect 4th-grade photo! 


When the photos came back, we were completely surprised. Of course, Aundon looks great, but it was impossible to ignore that he’s looking UP towards high heaven, instead of into the camera lens!


When I saw the photos, I was initially disappointed. I wanted to perfect a souvenir to document this important stage in my son’s life. But as I sat with the photos, I realized there is a lesson weaved into this experience. 


📸 I realized, you can be completely prepared, and have all the pieces in place, but it takes the right SUPPORT to execute the vision. 


📸 It takes a team to have your back to ensure that the right reflection of you is shared with the world. 


📸 You need a community to look out for the blind spots that you are unable to see.


It’s my greatest joy to be that support system for my son, so I felt like it was my responsibility to make sure he gets the school picture he’ll cherish as he grows up. 


We’ll be retaking the photo this month, but I’ll always love this picture as a reminder to lean into support, ask for help, and realize that things will “look up” when you do 😉

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