Educate ourselves to understand them and learn how to reciprocate to their pure "heart".

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to take with you

An “Aundonism” is a saying or solution that helped Aundon to express and translate his needs to the outside world without fear of judgment or shame. These were developed and implemented by his village of family, teachers and loving therapists.
Take hugs, for instance. Children like Aundon need sensory input like hugs. They absolutely love the pressure and they love the squeeze. With love and patience, Aundon now knows when to ask for hugs and from whom, in orde to stay safe and establish boundaries.
Another example is when Aundon started walking on his toes and his physical therapist gently corrected him with the simple phrase, “Flat feet.” Not only was this phrase effective but everyone else in Aundon’s village got on board with helping Aundon to progress to the finish line. Within 90 days, Aundon no longer needed to be reminded and was walking like normal.
All “Aundonisms” are Aundon-tried and approved.
If you feel like these Aundonisms can benefit you and your child, try them.
We have even made them available on t-shirts, backpacks and hats so you can literally try them on for size!

seal of approval

Are you a business who services the public and strives for inclusivity for people of all abilities? If you said “yes”, then consider getting the AKLA seal of approval for your establishment and team.
A place or business that has earned the AKLA (A Kid Like Aundon) certification has been identified as a place where our kids can go, be welcomed and have their needs met. To obtain this certification, these businesses had to meet the following requirements:
  • Provide provisions and designated safe spaces to accommodate families who need somewhere to regroup
  • Trained their staff to teach for greater self-awareness and inclusion
  • Put different protocols in place to make adjustments for families
Being interested and getting involved in making a difference is the start to creating environments that are welcoming, friendly, accessible, supportive and designed for inclusivity. This program is a national initiative to create more than conversations, special days or awareness months. We are creating real change and better experiences in our communities so everyone can be together and have fun.

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Aundon - Approved Products

Here is a list of products currenly on the market that has helped and enriched the lives of Aundon and his family. Please take a look to see if any of these could be a good fit for you and your child.
Who knows, you might find a solution you’ve been searching for!

Reading Magnifiers

This magnifying tool brings ease and visibility to readers who have a hard time or are unable to read small font print.

Weighted Vests

These vests are designed to a “hug on the go”, providing sensory compression to promote calm and ease for children and adults who face anxiety and stress on a regular basis.

Bouncyband® Wiggle

These sensory cushions are designed for wiggle preschool and elementary students so they can stay in their seat, let out some excess energy and focus on the task at hand.

Wobble Chair

A special stool designed to help kids with ADD and ADHD to stay in their seat, improve their posture and let out their squirms.

Balance Ball

This is smaller version of the balance ball. perfect for any child who needs a seating alternative to improve their posture, focus and concentration.

Kinetic Sand

This is smaller version of the balance ball. perfect for any child who needs a seating alternative to improve their posture, focus and concentration.

Oral Aversion Tools

A variety of different solutions for children who have challenges with oral senso input (e.g. chewing on hands, limited oral mobility, or texture sensitivities).

Speaker opportunity

(we can come speak to your organization and community to educate and impart information)

If you would like us to come speak to your business or organization we would be more than happy to!


Here are a few of our speaking topics:

  1. Positioning perspective
  2. Not perfect But possible
  3. Village Ecosystem


In addition to the above, we would love to tell our story and talk about any other subject matter that would help to raise awareness and further our mission.

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