You can’t stop growth.


That’s what this week’s #lessonsfromaundon taught me. 


One of the things I love about my son is he is absolutely his own person. In some ways, he’s emotionally a bit younger than his age, but in other ways, he’s mature beyond his years. 


During a recent family movie night, Aundon wanted to cuddle and came over to lay on me. The only problem is my sweet 11-year-old son can’t cuddle in the same way that he did when he was younger.


When I explained that he was a little too big to lay fully on me (LOL), he simply said “But Mom, I love you.”


He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t express his love just as he had in the past, at this particular moment.


Which got me thinking about… 


How often do we ignore our own weight in the spaces we enter? 


How often do we forget to recognize the fact that we’re growing?


When we bring our entire selves, we don’t always realize the impact of our presence.


Even when Aundon wanted to cuddle up like my little baby, I had to explain to him that growth cannot be stopped.


We’re not limited to the kids’ menu -– and that’s a GOOD thing. 


The reality is, when we deny our growth, we’re really denying the next level of our potential. 


Not only is growth inevitable, but when we embrace it, growth is POWERFUL. 💥❤️

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